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Give your clients the "Best of All Worlds".

Prescription drug coverage is the most frequently used employee health benefit. For benefit consultants, it is often the most difficult to manage. Not only is this industry complex and ever changing, it’s also fraught with complicated issues such as:

  • Impact of PBM consolidation
  • Escalating costs of specialty drugs
  • Challenges of the Affordable Care Act
  • And more

That’s why we’re here. RxBenefits protects the interests of consultants and employers in navigating the twists and turns of the pharmacy benefit landscape. Over the past three decades, hundreds of employers have obtained quality, affordable prescription coverage by contracting with us. We optimize their benefit budgets, enabling them to retain and attract talented employees to support their future success.

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Here's how we can help:


Anticipate changes in the prescription drug landscape and proactively strategize to minimize the impact


Negotiate the most competitive prescription benefit program with the most favorable direct contract terms


Achieve low drug trend by employing tried-and-true programs and capabilities for cost management while ensuring plan quality


Deliver best-in-class client and member service with efficient issue resolution

Our core strengths

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Our sole focus is helping consultants and clients make the best decision for their circumstances. We operate independently from the pharmacy industry, ensuring no conflicts of interest.


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As your advocate:

• RxBenefits leverages our collective membership to secure discounted group pricing for employee prescription drug programs

• Our negotiations result in significantly more competitive discounts and pricing terms than clients might obtain on their own

• We regularly monitor contract performance, ensuring terms and conditions are met. If discrepancies are discovered, we ensure client receives full reconciliation


Our knowledge and experience result in well-managed pharmacy programs that maximize savings and improve healthcare outcomes.

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What we deliver:

• Our team of industry veterans is well versed in translating complex data into actionable recommendations

• Strategies arise from our collective knowledge of pharmaceuticals, market trends, regulations, competition and PBM relationships, combined with an understanding of a company’s circumstances, culture, financial goals, utilization patterns and business objectives


Our multifaceted service model caters to the needs of benefit consultants, employers, and members.

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What we deliver:

Benefit Consultants:
A designated account team will serve as your personal concierge for pharmacy benefits. Count on your team to handle all requests, as well as proactively provide analytics, quarterly reports, business development support and an array of other services.

Employers contract directly with RxBenefits for account management, member service, data analytics and supervision of the overall pharmacy benefit. Our team is a go-to resource, capable of fielding Human Resources questions, supplying IT support and directing the plan implementation process. We also provide plan performance reporting, manage process issues and proactively offer recommendations to enhance employee benefits.

RxBenefits provides employees and their covered beneficiaries with RxAssure, our in-house call center offering customer service “as it is meant to be.” Friendly, knowledgeable individuals answer every call, not an automated voice response system. RxAssure routinely receives near-perfect scores in customer satisfaction surveys.

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A comprehensive, focused approach results in pharmacy management success.

Even areas of pharmacy spend with low utilization can drive a disproportional amount of cost. For example, while approximately 1% of members utilize specialty medications, these expensive drugs comprise 30% of healthcare costs. By partnering with a knowledgeable and agile pharmacy partner, such as RxBenefits, employers can leverage pharmacy benefits to achieve healthy cost and care outcomes.