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How can I maximize the value of my client's pharmacy program?

Has my client's plan performed per contract terms?

Do my clients get guaranteed terms, rebates, and audit rights?

Which pharmacy programs are truly effective?

How can I protect and grow my book of business?

Which is the best—traditional or transparent pricing?

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You ask. We answer.

Welcome to a better way to manage pharmacy benefits. Welcome to RxBenefits Logo



Partner with us and better your clients' pharmacy programs.

Working with RxBenefits is like having your own staff of pharmacy benefit experts on speed dial. While you focus on nurturing your business, we manage the meticulous tasks associated with your clients’ pharmacy benefit plans: Securing competitive contracts for greater savings. Auditing claims for PBM accountability and financial accuracy. Analyzing data to improve plan performance. And that’s just for starters.

What happens when you bring us aboard?

Better pharmacy plan performance. Higher client satisfaction and loyalty. Greater protection from competitors who might approach your clients. And more success with less stress for you.


What else is in it for you?

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You gain our insights and expertise.

We understand the complexity of pharmacy contracts and pricing. Let us do the heavy lifting to find ways to maximize value to your clients.

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You excel with our guidance.

Our evidence-based clinical strategies control costs. We’ll help you evaluate and guide member prescription drug usage to optimize savings.

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You benefit from our resources.

Tap into our extensive network of industry relationships cultivated over more than three decades.

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You succeed with our services.

RxBenefits delivers a “one-stop-shop” for pharmacy benefits management and consulting. From evaluation and implementation to account
management to members.

You need us for the same reasons your clients need you.


Look out for your interests.


Tap into our specialized expertise.


Simplify your life.

We are here to help you succeed.

Give us a call - 800.377.8134

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A comprehensive, focused approach results in pharmacy management success.

Even areas of pharmacy spend with low utilization can drive a disproportional amount of cost. For example, while approximately 1% of members utilize specialty medications, these expensive drugs comprise 30% of healthcare costs. By partnering with a knowledgeable and agile pharmacy partner, such as RxBenefits, employers can leverage pharmacy benefits to achieve healthy cost and care outcomes.