Building an Optimized Clinical Playbook:

Four Winning Strategies to Help Your Self-Funded Clients Achieve A More Affordable Pharmacy Benefit


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What You Will Learn

Ensuring your clients are not overpaying for prescription drugs requires an understanding of the role that drug manufacturers, prescribers, and PBMs have in drug pricing and utilization. This insight is essential to being able to implement sustainable clinical strategies that help direct your clients’ pharmacy dollars to pay for the most appropriate drugs for their members. Unfortunately, because the pharmacy ecosystem is opaque, the forces driving high drug prices have remained poorly understood – until now. Now is the time to think like a coach and update your clinical management playbook to address the increasing expenses your clients are accruing.

In this guide, you’ll receive answers to these important questions:

  • How are prescription drug pricing and prescribing practices impacting pharmacy benefit costs?
  • What strategies can help my self-funded clients tackle high-cost specialty drugs?
  • What signs can signal that an independent clinical oversight program may be needed?


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