Strategies to Improve Economic & Clinical Value in Pharmacy Benefits

for the Trucking Logistics Industry


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What You Will Learn

Virtually every trucking logistics company in the U.S. is challenged when it comes to implementing cost-control measures within a benefit program. The industry’s 8M total U.S. employees have extensive and unique wellness challenges – especially its 3.5M professional truck drivers. Managing the health of a large and chronically ill employee population can create a financial burden for self-insured employers, making it critical to align the best benefits contract with professional prescription monitoring. 

 In this White Paper, you’ll learn about: 

  • The trucking logistics industry’s scale and impact on the U.S. economy 
  • Major contributors to the most common health issues among long-haul truck drivers 
  • The trend and savings improvements we help our trucking logistics clients realize 
  • Optimization strategies of pharmacy benefits to address the industry’s most prevalent health challenges  
  • Our unique ability to contract with the nation’s leading PBMs and deliver clinical expertise and customized programs to maximize savings with minimal member disruption 


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