Introducing our New VP of Business Development, Bill Troiano

Bill Troiano, RxBenefits’ new Vice President of Business Development, is not just new to the company – this is his first role within the PBM space. Before joining the organization, Bill worked in SaaS (Software as a Service) across multiple industries. As the head of Business Development, he oversees a team composed of several directors and more than twenty executives, all geographically located near the brokers that comprise the organization’s distribution model. Day to day, Bill’s priorities include bringing on lives onto the RxBenefits platform and working closely with the leadership team to ensure the team is doing everything in their power to achieve their goals for 2022 and beyond.

When asked what the most challenging aspect of the role is, Bill responded,

“Not confusing ‘activity’ with ‘achievement’ as it is important to prioritize the work that is going to move the needle!”

Within his first few years at RxBenefits, Bill’s number one priority is to build a culture of widespread success throughout the Business Development team, since the past couple of years have been difficult with COVID. He also wants to invest in the company’s leadership team to get the appropriate training, mentoring, and coaching necessary to further their careers within RxBenefits. Lastly, Bill plans to have all his team members, including himself, give back to whatever causes are important to them, as volunteering time to those in need is a vital part of the RxBenefits culture.

Bill resides in Cary, North Carolina, with his wife and kids. He grew up in a nice, small town in Long Island, New York, called East Setauket, about five minutes from the Long Island Sound. When Bill is not leading our Business Development team, he enjoys cooking for his family, CrossFit, binging documentaries, and taking hikes with his wife and their furry friends.

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