This nonprofit needed pharmacy benefits savings –

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The Situation

With 200 member lives to care for, this private nonprofit for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the Mid-Atlantic region needed to provide a top-tier pharmacy benefit for their employees while saving money to care for their community. Recruiting and retaining specialized professionals is key to their success.

The Solution

While putting together a proposal on pharmacy benefit coverage for the nonprofit, our experts found that Optimize 360 would provide the support the organization needed. A RxBenefits-owned, client-aligned contract coupled with guaranteed discounts and rebates delivered much-needed savings allowing the nonprofit to afford specialized talent and equipment.

  • RxBenefits-owned contract
  • Includes contract negotiations with top pharmacy benefit managers, ongoing plan support, and exceptional client and member service
  • Fully transparent, client-aligned, guaranteed discounts and rebates
  • Yearly plan performance review

The Impact

RxBenefits saved the client $92K annually compared to their previous plan. Throughout the year, as the team negotiated with the Top 3 pharmacy benefit managers, another $30K in additional savings reduced the client’s actual plan costs. Before the end of their first year with RxBenefits, the client renewed for another year of savings and service.

Download the PDF