Third-Party Administrators

Better Pharmacy Options, Far Fewer Hassles

Affordable pharmacy benefits that are flexible, scalable, and simple to manage.

We know pharmacy benefits are just one of the areas where you help your clients. We also know third-party administrators face competition like never before, and that means prioritizing client satisfaction and member health while simultaneously helping your clients contain costs. Traditional pharmacy arrangements with their plan limitations, integration and implementation hassles, and impersonal approach to service simply won’t suffice.

Partner with us to offer the best pharmacy rates, rebates, and contract terms in the industry, along with a highly effective approach to utilization management that helps lower trend. You’ll appreciate our help in driving your firm’s revenues. Your clients will appreciate our specialty pharmacy risk mitigation programs and strategies and our world-class client and member service.

We understand your needs and the needs of your clients, and we’re ready to assist you with a sustainable, high-quality pharmacy program for your clients and their members.


The Benefits of RxBenefits

Easily managed pharmacy options with access to all big three PBMs in a single platform to help you attract and retain more clients

Optimized pharmacy plan performance to drive down trend and the overall cost of healthcare 
Improved clinical and utilization results across your Book of Business
Actionable data and valuable insights for the best possible reinsurance and stop-loss outcome

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