Hospital Solutions

Tailored support aligned with the needs and resources of hospitals and health systems

Hospital Solutions

Are out-of-the-box pharmacy benefit solutions truly serving your unique needs?

As a hospital leader, you face needs like no other organization does, and you’re currently facing challenges like never before – from COVID-era financial strain to healthcare labor market volatility. You’re both an employer and a healthcare provider, with workers who are both employees and, potentially, patients – and significant consumers of pharmacy benefits.

But your financial needs go beyond benefits – you do need robust pharmacy benefits for employee satisfaction and health and safety, but you also need to eliminate financial waste and make use of revenue-driving channels that help keep the lights on. And those needs aren’t going to be served by a pharmacy-benefits generalist who won’t customize your plan and personalize your support.

One Size Does Not Fit All

It’s time to call in a specialist

RxBenefits’ hospital solutions meet your hospital’s needs and address your unique challenges with a pharmacy benefits program tailored to you. We offer solutions that support the overall goals of your organization, from HR to finance to pharmacy. We help you secure flexible contract terms that allow you to make use of underutilized resources and opportunities. We provide account, member, and pharmacy support from teams with hospital-specific expertise – the kind of expertise that comes from working with 200+ hospitals covering 500,000 member lives.

In a world of generalization, RxBenefits’ hospital-focused solutions offer care you won’t find anywhere else.

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Deliver Hospital-Specific Expertise

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You manage one of the most complex and critical parts of patient care.

Each day brings an unexpected challenge – a new drug shortage, a significant price increase, a staffing situation. And all eyes are on pharmacy, where you’re not just tasked with managing a turbulent budget – you’re increasingly an integral part of key strategic initiatives for your hospital. 

RxBenefits’ hospital solutions can help you maximize strategic assets like your in-house pharmacy and your 340B program by bringing to light the full opportunity of your employee prescriptions. 

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Medications are one of the most unpredictable costs in healthcare, and you manage them in both your employee benefit plan and your pharmacy budget.

Drug shortages alone are estimated to cost U.S hospitals nearly $360 million each year1. You also contend with the downstream effects of staffing shortages on the overall cost of patient care. Stabilizing both your medication expenditures and your workforce has never been more critical. 

RxBenefits’ hospital solutions can uniquely connect your in-house pharmacy with your employee benefit plan to unlock savings potential in both areas, while providing your HR team with an attractive and competitive pharmacy benefits plan. 

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As your organization’s HR leader, you’re tasked with designing a pharmacy benefits plan that attracts and retains key talent while controlling costs.

And that task has never been more challenging – the average annual drug price increase has reached a staggering average of 31.6%2. Understanding and optimizing use of your in-house pharmacy is a complex undertaking and requires a partner with deep expertise in hospital pharmacy programs and regulations. 

RxBenefits’ hospital solutions can help you leverage your unique position as both a provider and consumer of medications to increase your drug savings and create a marketable prescription benefit.


Need custom hospital solutions? Show us where it hurts

Foundational Programs for Hospitals and Health Systems

RxBenefits extends to you the negotiating power of our 3 million aggregate members and more than $3 billion in annual pharmacy spend. But that’s just the beginning – our dedicated hospital management team and clinical experts come with the industry-specific knowledge that’s crucial for building and managing pharmacy plans to the lowest net cost while serving the needs of the members.

If your plan could benefit from additional clinical oversight, we offer Protect, a suite of clinical management programs designed to achieve better health outcomes at a lower net cost. Our innovative, forward-looking suite includes utilization management solutions addressing challenges like rising GLP-1 prescribing and specialty spend. And all our hospital solutions feature exclusive, hospital-focused account management teams, as well as exceptional member service for the peace of mind of your employees. 

Get the most out of every opportunity for savings.

Optimize 340B

In today’s difficult landscape, being able to take advantage of savings programs like 340B could mean the difference between keeping the doors open or closed for a covered entity. With Optimize 340B, covered entities can maximize the savings from 340B and keep healthcare dollars in-house.

Optimize 340B isn’t just specialized expertise or services – it’s a comprehensive solution, combining automated claims analytics with targeted 340B expertise to give you full visibility and control over the financial impact of 340B on your prescription plan. Our team will help you identify 340B-eligible employee prescriptions and referrals. Achieve your 340B program goals with ongoing expert support, with a solution designed by experts around the unique needs of hospitals and grantees like yours.

In-House Pharmacy Support

Your hospital’s in-house pharmacy can be one of your hospital’s greatest resources. Using your own pharmacy, taking advantage of your favorable drug pricing and purchasing, can drive cost savings, increased revenue, and improved member satisfaction.

RxBenefits’ hospital solutions can help you optimize your in-house pharmacy.  Our dedicated In-House Pharmacy Team can help you make the most of it, with proactive communications ahead of any potential member impact, test claims and detailed financial reporting, and full transparency regarding pharmacy performance, to unlock the full potential and savings of your on-site pharmacy.

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Proactive communications ahead of member impact

Test claims and
financial reporting

Pharmacy performance

Unique challenges require unique solutions, and specialized employers like hospitals and health systems require specialized expertise like the Hospital Solutions team at RxBenefits.

Talk to your employee benefits advisor about how our solutions can help you achieve your goals.