Pharmacy Benefits Optimizer (PBO)

The employee benefit industry’s first Pharmacy Benefits Optimizer (PBO), RxBenefits is a different kind of pharmacy partner.

We are not a PBM, TPA, or coalition. Our pharmacy experts work independently of the Big Pharma machine to help our employee benefit consultant partners and their self-insured employer clients navigate the complex pharmacy benefits landscape. We act as advocates to help brokers and consultants deliver  market competitive pharmacy solutions from the nation’s three leading PBMs, regardless of their client’s size. Working with a PBO, they can consistently offer a best-in-class pharmacy benefit that will immediately drive down prescription drug costs, improve member health and safety, and transform the client and member experience for the better. Pharmacy plan is managed elsewhere.

Elevating Consultants

Our team of pharmacy experts advocate in the best financial interest of you and your self-insured employer clients and the best health interest of their members.

With a PBO, you have access to RxBenefits’ core solutions designed for self-insured employers with a carved-out pharmacy benefit. Leveraging our market-leading aggregate purchasing power, you’ll secure competitive rates, rebates, and contract terms. Independent clinical strategies driven by advanced data modeling will improve utilization management and eliminate waste, with minimal member disruption.

The result is an intelligent, data-driven pharmacy benefits plan tailored to ensure appropriate and sustainable prescription drug spending. With a PBO on your side, you can bridge the sizeable gap in value that exists when your clients’ pharmacy plan is managed elsewhere.

Elevating Employers

Unlike contracting directly with a PBM, a PBO makes it possible for self-insured employers of any size to buy pharmacy benefits with the same robust negotiating power as a Fortune 100 company.

As an HR leader working with a PBO, you can expect to deliver a best-in-class pharmacy benefit experience for 25-30%* less than you are paying today. You can finally achieve what feels like competing objectives: substantial savings without disrupting members, plus excellent service for your employees and their dependents.

Whether you have 250 or 25,000 employees, our teams empower you with the data you need to make informed decisions and provide the high-touch service you and your members deserve. Helping leaders like you achieve your organization’s pharmacy benefits goals is at the heart of our PBO mission.

The PBO relationship is managed through the employee benefits broker, consultant, or third-party administrator (TPA), who works with RxBenefits to deliver: