About Us

Let us begin our story by telling you who and what we are not. RxBenefits is not a pharmacy benefits manager (PBM), coalition, or third-party administrator (TPA).

Founded in 1995, Birmingham, AL-based RxBenefits is the employee benefit industry’s first technology-enabled pharmacy benefits optimizer (PBO).

We are a growing team of more than 700 pharmacy pricing, contract, service, technology, data, and clinical experts that work together as one team towards one common goal: putting the benefit back in pharmacy benefits.

We focus exclusively on helping employee benefit consultants, and their self-insured clients, access and deliver an affordable, best-in-class pharmacy benefit.

A best-in-class pharmacy benefit has an optimized:

• Spend
• Trend
• Service experience

"In an industry run by giants, we level the playing field for employee benefits consultants and their clients."

What We Do

At RxBenefits, we work exclusively through employee benefit and pharmacy consultants to help self-insured employers maximize the value they and their members receive from their pharmacy investment. Our unique pharmacy benefits solution creates more value for plan sponsors and their members in three ways:

We empower self-insured employers to carve out pharmacy benefits with robust negotiating power, saving them a measurable amount of money. As a result of our market-leading purchasing power and expertise, our clients receive the best available rates and rebates from the industry’s leading PBMs, backed by a clean contract with transparent terms.
We work independently of PBMs and medical carriers to advocate in the best financial interest of the plan sponsor and the best clinical interest of the member, throughout the complex pharmacy ecosystem. Our platform is connected directly to the PBMs, enabling our account executives and registered pharmacists to leverage real-time claims data to help consultants and employers identify and understand risks and opportunities, make personalized program recommendations, and apply clinical interventions that improve member safety and health outcomes while simultaneously reducing waste and managing drug trend.
We strive to create exceptional experiences with every interaction to ensure consultants, clients, and members feel deeply valued and respected. In an industry that typically reserves the best service experience for the largest employers, our high-touch service model sets us apart in the mid-market. We care deeply about helping every client achieve their goals, irrespective of size, and we answer every customer and member call personally because we believe nothing is more personal than health.

How We Do It

RxBenefits manages millions of member lives and billions of dollars in annual pharmacy spend. Combined, our aggregate book of business gives us the same negotiating purchasing power as Amazon and Home Depot combined. In an industry run by giants, we level the playing field for employee benefits consultants and their clients.

Because of our leverage, we have negotiated a unique arrangement with the Big 3 PBMs that resulted in connecting our proprietary platform directly to the PBM systems. As a result, we can deliver exceptional professional services (which span onboarding and implementation, account management, client and member services, and billing), completely independent of the PBM.

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