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You are here.

But what does that mean, really?

It means there’s a place for you at RxBenefits. But not just a place­ — a community of people who support you, value you, and want to make you feel welcome. People you can feel comfortable around. People who appreciate you culturally and individually, for what we have in common and what makes us unique. People who want to see you succeed and help you succeed, because we care about your personal and career growth and because, honestly, we care about what you bring to us.

We’re dedicated to transparency, communication, and partnership. To always improve, to grow in inclusion, to remove barriers to access, and to elevate voices that are often silenced. And we’re dedicated to you, and to people like you, and to people unlike you.

Our Stance

RxBetter Together. Equity brings us together.
Differences make us better. Inclusion makes us better together.

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Ensure consistent communication to the organization through education and strategic communication.

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Enhance the total employee experience by providing more transparency on representation and talent development processes, opportunities for community building, and leadership engagement.

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Establish and cultivate community relationships through community engagement and sponsorships that
align with our Mission, Vision, and Values.

Employee Resource Groups

Grassroots, employee-driven groups
where teammates support teammates.

Four women of color standing behind a trade show table, representing RxBenefits' Black Advocate initiative
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Black Advocates & Allies

Support, education, assistance, mentoring, and leadership opportunities for Black employees, with the advocacy of their allies.

Five women of color standing behind a trade show table, representing RxBenefits' Palante Unidos initiative
Graphic representation of the Employee Resource Group created by RxBenefits

Pa’lante Unidos

Promoting cultural awareness of Latino culture and championing the advancement of Latino employees at all levels.

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The Parent Project

Support, resources, and a vibrant, encouraging space for working parents at RxBenefits

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RxB A.B.L.E.

Resource and allyship for employees and others impacted by disability, neurodivergence, autism, or chronic illness.

P.R.I.S.M. United

Safe space for inclusion surrounding those who are part of or allies of the LGBTQIA2+ Community.


Supportive environment for Veterans, Active Duty, First Responders, Reservists, their families, and allies.

Women’s Initiative Network

A space where women feel a sense of community and empowerment while equipping each other and gaining access to development opportunities.

“Black Advocates & Allies is a safe space to discuss current events, personal experiences, and fellowship with like-minded individuals who identify as Black or allies of the Black community. It’s a sense of family, which is treasured because we’re in a remote environment. Most of all, it’s a guaranteed good time with a great group. Every meeting consists of endless laughs, breakthrough moments, and continual learning. As a bonus, they’ve recently added a book club within the group, which is music to this bookworm’s ear! I’m delighted I’ve joined this group. ”

Erica Lewis, Payroll Administrator 

Black Advocates & Allies 

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Two women talking, one of whom is in a wheelchair

“When I think about diversity, I see two aspects to it: being accepted and being understood. When you’re surrounded by people who accept you and welcome you for who you really are, it’s a fantastic feeling. But it’s also important to feel understood, and that comes from people who have walked in shoes like yours. RxB A.B.L.E. is a place where I’ve been able to make connections with other people in the company with disabilities, to surround myself with other people who know what it’s like, and to have both the acceptance and the understanding. I hope other people here with disabilities will be able to join and feel the way I’ve gotten to feel.”

Caperton Gillett, Copywriting Manager 

RxB A.B.L.E.

“The Parent Project is a breath of fresh air. It’s a common space for parents, both new and “old,” to share war stories, which turns into sighs of relief. It’s a place of acceptance and support when the children start pressing your last button, but it’s also a platform to shout out praises of milestones and everyday victories. The feeling of doing this alone hasn’t been as heavy since being shown support through recent surgeries. We have less control than we’d like to admit when it comes to who our children grow up to become, but one of the things we can control is our support system. I’m glad I’ve joined this group and welcome any other parents to experience the support. ”

Tanya Martin, Learning & Development Specialist 

The Parent Project  

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“Being a part of Pa’lante Unidos feels like a safe place, not only to discuss hardships faced by being a minority, but the joy of connecting with other employees through conversations about our heritage and traditions. We also have members who are allies to the Latino community, and we welcome them into the familia just like any Latino family would do, which I love! I’m proud to have been part of the group that started this ERG, and it makes me happy to see that we continue to grow. ”

Khaliha Ladd, Account Manager 

Pa’lante Unidos

“P.R.I.S.M means to me that no one ever has to feel alone. As someone who grew up in the Bible Belt in the Deep South, I was told my mind was wrong and I needed to be fixed. I never had a safe space to be myself, and I have made it my mission in life always to offer a safe space for everyone regardless of orientation. P.R.I.S.M is that safe space! ”

Ryan Henry, Account Manager

PRISM United

“For me personally, I am the spouse of a first responder (firefighter), a sibling to a retired Army Specialist, and an Active Army Specialist. Building and finding a community that understands the military and/or first responder world to build and find support for the struggles we deal with daily. It can be very lonely and exhausting, as a spouse I know I am not alone in how overwhelming each day can be. I am proud and extremely passionate to be part of this S.E.R.V.E., not only be able to fill this void for myself but hopefully be support for others who want a sense of belonging and be heard.”

Megan Cullen, Strategic Account Executive 


“Women’s Initiative Network (WIN) is a dynamic community fostering empowerment, collaboration, and professional growth for women at RxBenefits. I find fulfillment in being able to foster and participate in a space where women, and our allies, come together to  bond over our shared experiences, influence business decisions, provide mentorship, and foster a culture of inclusivity. Organizations, like WIN, are a testament to RxBenefits’ commitment to diversity and empowerment. I’m proud to be part of a company that values initiatives like WIN, shaping a more inclusive future for all.”

Autumne Peth, Senior Director, Revenue Marketing 

Women’s Initiative Network  

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