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Control Costs Associated With
Poorly Managed Diabetes

Diabetes is a top-3 driver of pharmacy and medical spend for employers

For most plan sponsors, medications for diabetes and metabolic syndrome — also known as pre-diabetes — are a top expenditures. Diabetes is also a condition that historically has very low medication adherence. It is critically important that members adhere to their treatment regimens to prevent costly and serious complications from occurring. 

of total gross pharmacy spend for a plan
of diabetics have poor adherence to treatment regimens

RxBenefits has partnered with Tria Health

Tria Health is a nationally recognized provider of chronic condition management, to provide enhanced
support to plan members with diabetes and metabolic syndrome.


Pharmacist Led, Human to Human

Many programs focus on meter readings to drive outreach. The Tria Health approach focuses on proactively engaging members with a designated pharmacist as their personal advocate, providing disease education, care coordination, and support. 


Proactive Outreach Improves Engagement

High-risk members are identified through pharmacy claims analysis on an ongoing basis. Once identified, members receive proactive outreach via mail, email, and phone to schedule a telephone appointment with a Tria Health pharmacist. An incentive is offered to members to encourage participation in the program. This multi-channel outreach maximizes engagement for these high-risk members.

Pharmacist Consultations Optimize Diabetes Management

Chronic conditions are managed with medications, making pharmacists the best resource to conduct confidential consultations with members. During each consultation, Tria Health’s pharmacists take the time to understand a patient’s background, behavior, and beliefs – all important factors in how they manage their health. By understanding a member’s motivations, along with a comprehensive medication and lifestyle review, Tria’s pharmacists work with members to develop a personalized care plan. Care plans are shared with the member’s primary care physician and other treating physicians and are used as the baseline for continuous management.

The results speak for themselves

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