RxBenefits Welcomes Pets of All Shapes and Sizes

After hearing complaints about the distractions many employees were having at home due to rambunctious pets, children, and various other interruptions, RxBenefits devised a plan to support their needs as best they could under the circumstances.

After brainstorming, the company reached a solution that would minimize distractions at home while also repurposing unused office space! The obvious choice was to extend the vacant offices to employee’s pets.

Thus, RxBpets was born – a temporary “pet daycare” where local employees can drop their pets off during the day while they work from home! The teammates working onsite welcomed this idea with open arms and happily volunteered to look after colleagues’ pets throughout the day. However, what no one anticipated is just how exotic many of these “pets” would be.

Bring Your Pet to Work Day – Everyday!

While many of our teammates are enjoying their new co-workers, others have had their challenges as some of the “pets” are more exotic than most anticipated.

*April Fool’s*


If you haven’t found out by now, this is only a fun April Fool’s Day story to add some humor to your day during these stressful times. We wish everyone continued health and success this year!