Meet Our Expert: Laura Leigh Etheridge, Director of Account Management Operations

Laura Leigh Etheridge, Director of Account Management Operations, joined RxBenefits in December 2010 as a Strategic Account Executive. Laura Leigh’s role at RxBenefits, and the company itself both look very different since she began her decade long (and counting) career with the company. Over the years, she has proven to be an integral part of the Account Management team’s success.

Memorable Beginnings with RxBenefits

Laura Leigh’s memorable first day with RxBenefits as a Strategic Account Executive probably isn’t what you’d expect based on the job description. “My first day was December 16, 2010, and I addressed our company holiday cards,” says Laura Leigh. “Looking back, we had 85 clients and we worked with 30 to 35 different consulting firms. Thinking about where we are today, I can’t imagine hand addressing those cards,” she laughs.

When Laura Leigh first joined RxBenefits, the team was split into two separate office buildings. The “main building” is where Member Services, Operations, and IT were based, while Account Management, Business Development, and Marketing had been “annexed” two buildings over. “We were constantly walking back and forth carrying our laptops over to the conference room in the main building,” Laura Leigh remembers. Despite the drawbacks of the office layout, she says that the separate spaces did not interfere with the family-like culture. “When I got there, I didn’t even have a desk. I sat elbow-to-elbow with Cynthia Johnson [now RxBenefits’ Vice Chair] for about a month and learned a lot.”

Dedication to Team Education

Today, Laura Leigh is responsible for training new and existing teammates on the Account Management team – a responsibility that is far more structured than it was in those early days. She remembers training a colleague back in 2011 by simply explaining what she did in her job.

Laura Leigh has been instrumental in transforming the training process through her tireless work with a comprehensive Account Management orientation program. Each month, she spends three weeks dedicated to onboarding and training Account Management new hires and supporting them and their managers throughout the process. She regularly updates each orientation session to meet the ever-changing needs of new employees, the organization, and the market.

In addition to supporting new teammates, Laura Leigh works continuously with the ongoing training of the entire Account Management team, equipping them with the tools and resources they need to deliver an exceptional service experience to RxBenefits partners and clients.

Laura Leigh is recognized by teammates for her dedication, engagement, and strong work ethic. “Her commitment to being consultative, not only with external clients but with internal team members, is incredible. Laura Leigh takes this approach day in and day out,” says an RxBenefits colleague.

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