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The Values that Drive Us

At home or in the office, more than a third of a person’s waking hours are spent at their job. RxBenefits doesn’t take that lightly. We’ve built our culture around our dedication to work lives, home lives, needs, and priorities of the team members who are giving us those hours.

We have values that guide our work every day. That’s easy to say, but that approach is truly central to our culture. We live our values in real ways – the actions we take, the commitments we make and follow through on, and the people who feel supported as a customer, teammate, or community partner as a result.

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“Being a part of Pa’lante Unidos feels like a safe place, not only to discuss hardships faced by being a minority, but the joy of connecting with other employees through conversations about our heritage and traditions. We also have members who are allies to the Latino community, and we welcome them into the familia just like any Latino family would do, which I love! I’m proud to have been part of the group that started this ERG, and it makes me happy to see that we continue to grow. ”

Khaliha Ladd, Account Manager 

Pa’lante Unidos

“The Parent Project is a breath of fresh air. It’s a common space for parents, both new and “old,” to share war stories, which turns into sighs of relief. It’s a place of acceptance and support when the children start pressing your last button, but it’s also a platform to shout out praises of milestones and everyday victories. The feeling of doing this alone hasn’t been as heavy since being shown support through recent surgeries. We have less control than we’d like to admit when it comes to who our children grow up to become, but one of the things we can control is our support system. I’m glad I’ve joined this group and welcome any other parents to experience the support. ”

Tanya Martin, Learning & Development Specialist 

The Parent Project  

A father working from home with his son on his lap
Two women talking, one of whom is in a wheelchair

“When I think about diversity, I see two aspects to it: being accepted and being understood. When you’re surrounded by people who accept you and welcome you for who you really are, it’s a fantastic feeling. But it’s also important to feel understood, and that comes from people who have walked in shoes like yours. RxB A.B.L.E. is a place where I’ve been able to make connections with other people in the company with disabilities, to surround myself with other people who know what it’s like, and to have both the acceptance and the understanding. I hope other people here with disabilities will be able to join and feel the way I’ve gotten to feel.”

Caperton Gillett, Copywriting Manager 

RxB A.B.L.E.

“Black Advocates & Allies is a safe space to discuss current events, personal experiences, and fellowship with like-minded individuals who identify as Black or allies of the Black community. It’s a sense of family, which is treasured because we’re in a remote environment. Most of all, it’s a guaranteed good time with a great group. Every meeting consists of endless laughs, breakthrough moments, and continual learning. As a bonus, they’ve recently added a book club within the group, which is music to this bookworm’s ear! I’m delighted I’ve joined this group. ”

Erica Lewis, Payroll Administrator 

Black Advocates & Allies 

Young, black professionals at work

Advocate for Our Customer

Commit to Innovation 

Foster Accountability

Champion Integrity

Collaborate with Purpose 

Four women of color standing behind a trade show table, representing RxBenefits' Black Advocate initiativeFive women of color standing behind a trade show table, representing RxBenefits' Palante Unidos initiativeA suburban woman pushing two kids in a strollerA teacher in a classroom fostering cultural understanding by reading to her students.Three people from different cultures sitting on the top of a house under construction.A culturally diverse group posing for a photo in their t-shirts.A group of people in green t-shirts representing culture, standing in front of a building.A diverse group of people standing in front of the Birmingham Zoo, showcasing the diverse culture.Four women posing with Dr. Seuss teddy bears.A diverse group of people sitting at a table in a vibrant warehouse, showcasing cultural diversity.A group of people in green shirts standing in front of a bin at a food bank.Three people in green shirts standing in a warehouse, showcasing their cultural diversity.A group of people in green tie dye shirts showcasing their vibrant culture while posing for a photo.A group of people representing various cultures standing around a table full of backpacks.Three people standing in front of a table showcasing RxBenefits while emphasizing the importance of company culture.RxBenefits employees in green shirts volunteering in a zoo.A diverse group of people representing different cultures standing in front of a table.A culturally diverse group collaborating on a framing a house.

Embracing Service, Equality and Equity

At its core, RxBenefits exists to serve our customers, whether they’re benefit advisors, employers, or members with small or life-changing health needs. Our team members undergo training to ensure they know the best way to represent our clients’ best interest and communicate transparently. We see our customers as individuals with unique needs who deserve to be treated as such.

And just as we advocate for the best interest of our customers, we advocate for the well-being of our employees – all our employees. Inclusive hiring practices, Employee Resource Groups to support and empower our teammates, and the dedication of every employee to embrace their colleagues for who they are and what they bring to our community ensure our teammates can live and work authentically.

Several employees embracing DEI at RxBenefits
RxBenefits employees meeting in a conference room

Moving Forward 

RxBenefits’ products and services are built around our commitment to constantly improving and to finding new ways to solve the problems of the future.  But we believe anyone has the power to innovate, and we believe good ideas deserve to become reality. We create opportunities with events like our quarterly Innovation Day, where teammates are invited to present ideas for improvements to our products and services that, if viable, earn the teammate a cash prize and the satisfaction of seeing their idea come to life. And we’re committed to listening to our employees and making changes, because even the smallest improvement moves us forward. 

Coming Together for Good 

Collaboration starts at home, with RxBenefits team members working within and across disciplines and departments to accomplish our goals. But it extends out to the communities where we live and the neighbors we live with. Through partnerships with community organizations for service opportunities, an innovative online platform to facilitate charitable giving, and paid days each year for team members to pursue the good works that are important to them, we come together to create a better world.

Smiling employee volunteering an outreach event
A friendly handshake between two employees

Living Up to Our Word 

RxBenefits’ customers trust us with their professional success, the health of their business, and even the most intimate, protected information about their health and healthcare. RxBenefits’ team members trust us with their livelihood and their daily well-being. We honor that trust through priorities from data security and individual training to the open doors of our highest leadership. When we make mistakes, we own up to them and take action to correct them. And when we make promises, to our customers or to each other, we keep them.