National Diabetes Month

Diabetes is growing at an alarming rate across the nation, with more than 37 million people in the United States having diabetes and 1.4 million new diagnoses every year. November is American Diabetes Month®. It’s a chance to show the world what living with diabetes looks like and shine a light on the growing impact of diabetes on public health. These resources will help benefits advisors and plan sponsors understand the latest developments with the disease, how to help members, and what we’re doing to improve patient care while combatting rising healthcare costs.

COVID-19 and a Diabetes test

Understanding the Growing Link Between COVID-19 and Diabetes

Have you noticed a spike in the cost and utilization of diabetes products impacting your clients’ pharmacy benefits recently? Many of us are ready to put the pandemic behind us, but it’s simply too early to stop paying attention to the long-term ramifications of COVID. Dr. Bradley Nelson dives into the complex relationship between COVID-19 and diabetes and the unexpected cost of a new or worsening diagnosis.

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RxBenefits Partners with Tria Health to Introduce Innovative Program for Optimized Diabetes Care

25% of U.S. healthcare spending is related to diabetes care – totaling $327 billion annually. To combat rising diabetes care costs, RxBenefits’ Optimize MyCare Diabetes Support Program powered by Tria Health provides a personalized approach using pharmacists to reduce total healthcare costs related to diabetes. Find out how the innovative model will further increase member health literacy and accountability.

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Diabetes Prevention diet plan

Diabetes Prevention through the Management of Pre-Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome

Millions of Americans (many unknowingly) either have or are at risk of developing pre-diabetes and metabolic syndrome – two conditions that increase your risk of developing diabetes. Dr. Sarah Ochs shares how lifestyle changes and proper condition management are key in curbing the progression of diabetes.

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What Does a Type 2 Diagnosis Truly Cost?

Today, diabetes is a consistent top three cost driver for medical spend, with the average diabetic member having nine prescriptions and seven conditions. To shed some light on the true cost of diabetes, Dr. Bradley Nelson further explains the cumulative impact of diabetes on the body and medical spend.

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Optimize MyCare: A Diabetes Support Program

Each patient’s health journey is different and deserves human-to-human care. By combining RxBenefits’ high-touch service model with Tria Health’s human-first approach, the Optimize MyCare Diabetes Support Program ensures that care plans are designed to improve individual health outcomes and control costs associated with poorly managed diabetes.

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Diabetes testing

How Can You Help a Newly Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetic?

A type 2 diabetes diagnosis can be difficult to accept and understand for someone who may have previously felt healthy. No matter what your relationship is with a type 2 diabetic, being well informed is a great way to be helpful. You can reach out your hand to support newly diagnosed patients as they navigate their new day-to-day life with these useful tips.

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First line of defense diabetes treatment

How Diabetes Treatment Protects Members from Complications

When advising clients on the best practices for diabetic members, it’s important for benefits advisors to focus on the positive. Helping patients reduce their risk of serious complications can bring hope and savings to all involved.

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Diabetes drugs

Understanding the Drivers of Diabetes Drug Costs

Medication is a major contributor and first line of defense in managing diabetes, and understanding the factors that drive diabetes medication choices is key for benefit advisors trying to untangle the rising costs for plan sponsors.

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