Most Popular Pharmacy Benefits Topics of 2020

The RxBenefits team of pharmacy benefits experts always has its pulse on the market and continually evaluates cost-saving strategies to bring you the latest and greatest insights from the complex world of PBM. During this whirlwind year, several topics stood out as the most popular among employee benefits consultants. Take a few minutes to dive into our top 10 pharmacy benefits management articles of the year.

Specialty Drugs by the Numbers: 10 Stats to Know

Author: J. Bradley Nelson, PharmD, CSMC 3 min read
As innovative specialty drug therapies continue to hit the market, it’s important to re-evaluate your strategy to manage the appropriate use of these high-cost treatments. To shed some light on the true impact of specialty drugs on pharmacy benefits costs, Dr. Nelson compiled a list of the top specialty Rx statistics.

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Excluding or Carving-Out Specialty Drugs: Evaluating the Options

Author: Mark Campbell, PharmD 4 min read
There continues to be a push to find ways to address the growing impact of specialty medications on employer healthcare costs. If your clients are exploring carving-out specialty medications or excluding specialty drugs from the pharmacy benefits, Dr. Campbell explains how to analyze the value of these options before making a decision.

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When to Move from Fully Insured to Self-Insured Pharmacy Benefits

Author: Chris Brown | 4 min read
Most carved-out employers start out paying a health plan to assume risk for their employees as part of a fully funded, one-size-fits-all benefits program. They may not know that a self-insured benefits model would grant them the flexibility needed to focus on strategies that serve their best interests. Find out when your clients should stop paying the health plan premium and make the leap to design a self-insured benefit plan.

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Carving-In vs Carving-Out Pharmacy Benefits

Author: Jack Tew2 min read
Thinking about carving out your clients’ pharmacy benefits? In this brief video, Jack Tew breaks down the options to help you understand the pros and cons, and how to prepare for some of the common pushback you might receive from medical carriers.

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How to Compare PBM Contracts: Transparent vs Pass-Through

2 min read
Contrary to what you might think, a pass-through arrangement may not always be the best fit for your clients. Jason Wenzke demonstrates why it’s critical to conduct an analysis – independently of a PBM – to review your clients’ true costs under each option and how they will be impacted by the PBM’s profit maximization strategy.

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How Drug Rebates Impact Pharmacy Benefits Plans

Author: Mark Campbell, PharmD | 2 min read
Prescription drug rebates have been a hot topic in national conversations about pharmacy benefits for some time. As the mix of utilized drugs has changed over time, drug rebates also have changed in response to the increased competition in the specialty drug market. Dr. Campbell shares crucial tips to ensure your clients are in an optimal rebate arrangement with their pharmacy benefits provider.

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