Clinical and Contract Savings for a Rural Health System

Historically, health systems were viewed as the center of the healthcare delivery model with little to no pressure to find incremental savings opportunities. The use of on-site, outpatient pharmacies was limited and was almost exclusively used to capture a few qualified 340B drug pricing program prescriptions. Prescription drug spending accounted for a small percentage of the total cost of care, while pharmacy benefits was a basic employee benefit offering selected by human resources.

Now, health systems are being pressured to find additional savings opportunities. Many health system leaders are taking a non-traditional approach to achieve incremental savings through their employee benefits, such as creating and using an on-site retail and/or specialty pharmacy, and accessing own-use pharmacy pricing or the 340B drug pricing program. These pharmacy solutions can help the health system manage the downstream impact of increasing prescription drug spending.

See how we partnered with a health system to implement a multi-pronged pharmacy benefits savings solution and helped them execute against their long-range plan to develop an on-site hospital pharmacy.

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