Meet Our Expert: Ashley Davis, Manager of Client Services

Ashley Davis knew she wanted to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical healthcare industry at an early age. She developed a love and interest for all things pharmacy in her first job as a pharmacy technician. While there, she wanted to know about the retail side as well as the hospital and insurance side of pharmacy. Thus began a career in the pharmacy industry that has lasted 24 years — so far.

As a Client Services Manager, Ashley leads a team of motivated individuals who assist clients and partners with widespread day-to-day issue support. This support includes managing manual processes like urgent eligibility updates, manual overrides that are approved, and benefits verification. The Client Services team also specializes in member-specific issues for our clients and provides assistance until they have a clear, confirmed resolution. Ashley believes that the most challenging part of the job is the constant changes in the healthcare industry. Healthcare continues to change, new laws are formed, and new programs are developed, and with those changes, the team must ensure they continue to be the expert in the service provided.

One of the most critical lessons Ashley has learned throughout her career is that one role may not be the right fit, and it’s okay not to be good in every role.

Ashley explains, “There were roles that I took part in that I was not able to be happy and succeed. But finding that role that fits me allows me to be successful and happy daily. Management is not just about making more money or being more successful than anyone else. It is about having compassion for others and wanting to see others succeed. Management fits into who I am as a person. I love what I do and thrive on learning and doing more to help others.”

Ashley was born, raised, and still resides in Clanton, Alabama. Her favorite hobbies include spending time with family at the farm, hunting, finishing, reading, cooking, and relaxing outdoors. She also enjoys spoiling her grandchildren when she sees them, and spending time with her mom collecting antiques. Ashley’s motto is, “Kill them with kindness.” She uses these words both at home with her children and at work with her team. She explains that just because someone comes at you rudely or angry, you should never stoop to that level and should rise above with kindness. Plus, you typically come out on the end looking good.

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