Introducing our New Senior VP of Product Management, Shekhar Khera

RxBenefits is proud to welcome Shekhar Khera as our new Senior Vice President of Product Management. Shekhar brings 20 years of experience in the healthcare product industry. He is responsible for developing and delivering a roadmap to ensure the company follows through on its strategic initiatives and sets itself up as a market-leading solution for pharmacy benefits.

Before moving to the United States around 20 years ago, Shekhar grew up in New Delhi, India, and traveled the country for various educational opportunities. He moved to Chicago on a special assignment for Aon Corporation, and that has called it home ever since.

Some of Shekhar’s most crucial decisions as a Senior Vice President are organizing the team to meet the needs of various stakeholders, meeting the demands of an evolving and dynamic business, and ensuring the team is engaged and set up for success based on their skills and aspirations. His daily responsibilities include oversight over the product roadmap, product research and design, understanding the voice of our customers, building a solid framework to manage our product journey, and delivering on product outcomes with strong qualitative and quantitative results.

When asked what he hopes to achieve as the Senior Vice President of the Product Management team, Shekhar responded, “I hope to create a balanced multi-year product roadmap aligned to our strategic initiatives, clinical solutions, operational scale, enhanced broker and member experience, and constant innovation. In addition, I want to put a strong product management framework in place in how we approach new initiates, understand ROI, prioritize and evaluate tradeoffs, define and track KPIs, and most importantly constantly push ourselves to deliver on a world class experience to our external and internal stakeholders.”

Shekhar is an avid traveler and enjoys meeting new people and experiencing diverse cultures and cuisines around the world. He also enjoys spending time with his son, playing tennis, and exploring the neighborhoods around him in Chicago. During his free time, Shekhar distributes food and other essentials to the homeless.

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