Introducing our New Chief Executive Officer, Wendy Barnes

Wendy Barnes joins RxBenefits with over 25 years in healthcare management. Prior to joining our team, Wendy served as the president of Express Scripts Pharmacy, where she led her team to achieve service, operations, and financial success across multiple consumer-centric pharmacies.

Wendy has been recognized several times for her great work both in and outside of the pharmacy industry. In 2001, she was named U.S. Air force Chief Financial Officer of the Year and in 2006 and 2007, she was named Pfizer Managed Care Champion.

A seasoned leader who deeply understands the PBM and broader pharmacy space, Wendy’s transition to Chief Executive Officer was a natural one.

How Wendy Supports the Growth of Our PBO Model

RxBenefits is at a time of significant growth when employers and members need our Pharmacy Benefits Optimizer model and solutions suite more than ever before.

“Throughout my career, I have gravitated toward companies with two main characteristics — a clear mission tied to improving patient lives, and a stern focus on bending the healthcare cost curve. RxBenefits is leading the charge in both.”

Wendy is focused on outlining new ways to reduce pharmacy benefits costs while ensuring it does not come at the expense of patient care.

When asked what the most challenging aspect of the industry is, Wendy responded, “In an industry run by giants, more needs to be done to help small and mid-market companies navigate the complex landscape and sustain a high-quality, cost-effective benefit.” Noting that this is both a challenge and an opportunity, this is where she sees RxBenefits’ PBO model playing a major role.

Wendy Barnes Beyond Her CEO Title

Since graduating from the University of Alaska Anchorage, Wendy made her way to the east coast and currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina, with her husband She also spends a lot of time with her two daughters and the RxBenefits team, in Birmingham, Alabama.

Outside of work, you can find Wendy running, hiking, or volunteering. When she’s not traveling, she pursues her passion for helping animals.

3 fun facts about Wendy:

  1. Wendy is a qualified sharpshooter, which she likes to remind her children of often.
  2. She notoriously chooses the slow line during every grocery store visit.
  3. Wendy inexplicably attracts stray animals and is sure to explain this to her husband when she brings them home.

Stay up to date on Wendy’s career moves and industry expertise on her LinkedIn profile.

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