Meet Our Expert: Elizabeth Ferguson, Vice President of Commercial Excellence

Meet Elizabeth Ferguson, RxBenefits’ Vice President of Commercial Excellence. Elizabeth joined the team in April of 2021, further enriching our leadership team after taking on the new executive position created to assist the Business Development, Strategic Markets, EBC Relations and Account Management teams and to support our momentum.

A Seasoned Leader

Elizabeth came to RxBenefits with more than 15 years of experience in sales operations, sales management, and leadership strategy and development within the health technology industry. Her deep industry background ranges from working with small start-up companies to worldwide organizations, experiences that helped shape her into the leader she is today.

Prior to joining RxBenefits, Elizabeth led business operations at Wolters Kluwer-Health Language, a leading global provider of clinical technology and evidence-based solutions. Today, Elizabeth leads RxBenefits’ go-to-market strategy from creation through execution, including enablement, reporting, and analytics. She and her team drive the change, processes, and rigor needed to help grow and scale our business.

Two of the driving factors in Elizabeth’s decision to pursue the opportunity at RxBenefits were culture and working in an industry that she felt was truly benefiting people’s lives. “Culture is very important to me, and I wanted to be sure I joined an organization where people genuinely cared about their clients, customers, and each other. I have found that in RxBenefits.” Elizabeth’s passion for leadership and helping teams maximize their potential make her the perfect fit for RxBenefits’ first VP of Commercial Excellence.

Outside of Work, Adventure Calls

A lover of the outdoors, Elizabeth and her husband couldn’t have chosen a better place to call home than Denver. Living in Colorado, Elizabeth keeps busy with many exciting hobbies outside of work, including skiing, hiking, fishing, and camping. Her other talents include singing, playing the piano, and cooking. And it doesn’t stop there. She and her husband’s latest adventure is taking on their fifth home rehabilitation project.

Knowing the hands-on leader that she is and the activities that occupy her time outside of work, we can see why “it isn’t going to fix itself” is a motto Elizabeth believes speaks to how she manages her team and lives her own life.

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