Meet Our Expert, Jeremy Meyer, Vice President of Broker Relations

Our new Vice President of Broker Relations, Jeremy Meyer, has wanted to work in the healthcare industry since he was a kid and serendipitously was introduced to the PBM space while working on his undergraduate degree. Jeremy’s adjunct professor’s primary job was the president of a small PBM – where Jeremy himself went to work right out of college and never looked back. That job was quite a step up from his first job as a teen: as a valet at a five-star resort, the Broadmoor, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He was able to meet many interesting people, from politicians to professional athletes to movie stars, and learn an important lesson: that individual character, not money or fame, makes a person who they are.

Jeremy says all his experiences prior to joining RxBenefits have prepared him for his current role. “I have worn many different management hats ranging from sales to clinical and just about everything in between,” he says. “Understanding thought processes and the internal workings of different departments allows me to be more effective in creating viable solutions for our clients.” As the VP of Broker Relations, the most challenging aspect of the role is coordinating the many moving parts of internal and external factors to come together to produce the best possible solutions and services for the organization’s partners, the plan sponsors, and their members.

Having worked in the PBM industry for over 23 years, either directly for a PBM or an industry-related consulting firm, Jeremy has gained excellent insight into the changing industry. The most important lesson, he says, is that a primary component of any business relationship is trust. Ultimately, all dealings are built on this trust, and there is no business to be had without it. Jeremy has learned that no matter how much a person knows or can control, trust is the greater success.

Meet Our Expert, Jeremy Meyer, Vice President of Broker Relations headshotJeremy’s daily responsibilities as the leader of the Broker Relations team include overseeing the strategic engagement and alignment with RxBenefits’ national broker partnerships to strengthen our partner’s competitive advantage and facilitate their growth. This allows RxBenefits to be positioned as our client’s go-to source for pharmacy benefit administration needs, resulting in our own sales growth. From processes and procedures to helping people grow their ability and knowledge, to seeing people benefit from a new service or health experience, producing a positive impact on people is Jeremy’s motivation. This role allows him to do this from many different angles.

Jeremy was born and raised in Colorado Springs and lived in Colorado for most of his life. He recently moved to and resides in Richmond, Virginia. When Jeremy has downtime, family is his top priority, and he loves spending his free time with them. He also enjoys all outdoor sports and has a passion for music that stems from being a singer-songwriter since his teens.

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