Meet Our Expert: Linh Duong

Originally from Vietnam, RxBenefits Senior Product Manager Linh Duong earned an undergraduate degree in International Business before moving to the United States to pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Cornell University. She began programming at age 15 and won prizes in programming contests in Asia. From working as a translator to building Microsoft Excel models, Linh brings her lifetime interest in technology to the RxBenefits team and technical and training experience.

“I have a lot of passion for growth and learning,” Linh said.

Linh had planned to earn her MBA in the U.S. and return to Vietnam, but she fell in love, married, and decided to stay in America. When RxBenefits Vice President and COO Robert Gamble reached out to Linh directly about joining the team, it felt too good to be true. “It’s kind of a funny story,” Linh said. “I thought it was a scam at first. Being an international student, you receive a lot of scam offers.”

But it wasn’t a scam – one of RxBenefits’ investors is a Cornell alumnus who spotted Linh’s impressive resume online, and he reached out to Robert. After thoroughly vetting the company, Linh accepted a summer internship with RxBenefits while she finished her MBA.

At the end of her internship, she accepted a full-time position with the company and has been a valuable asset as a Senior Product Manager. In her role with RxBenefits, she focuses on the lifecycle of a product, from designing features to researching finance modeling. She works with product owners and development teams to ensure they understand the vision and business needs of each product, so customers have the best possible experience.

When asked if she has any words she lives by, Linh quoted the great Vincent Van Gogh, who said, “Great things are not done by impulse but by a series of small things brought together.” As someone who makes small things and aligns them day by day to ultimately become a dynamic new product, we think that quote is perfectly suited to Linh.

Linh’s words to live by: “Great things are not done by impulse but by a series of small things brought together.” – Vincent Van Gogh

When she’s not working, Linh and her husband enjoy gardening, hiking, and sampling different local restaurants. She also crochets and gives her creations away to friends and family.

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