Meet Our Expert: Shannon Benzinger, RxBenefits’ Longest-Tenured Employee

As we celebrate 25 years of RxBenefits and those who have helped drive its success, we pay tribute to one of the company’s most dedicated teammates.

If anyone knows RxBenefits inside out, it’s Shannon Benzinger, Software Quality Assurance Analyst. Shannon joined RxBenefits in 2003, making her the company’s longest-tenured employee. During her almost 18-year career with the company, she has been involved in nearly every department, from customer service to billing and accounting, payroll, and information technology, to name a few.

A Trusted Teammate

Not only has Shannon brought immense value to the company through her many years of service, but she also remains a trusted resource to the many teammates who have joined RxBenefits over the years. Employees from different departments often turn to her for guidance because of her wealth of knowledge and history with the company.

Throughout the tremendous growth and transformation that RxBenefits has undergone over the years, Shannon maintains that the company has never wavered from its core values.

“The customer was very important to us, and I think it’s pretty cool that’s carried on all the way through, and that upper management cares about the employees as well,” she said. “You’re not just a number here. You’re a person, and I think that’s what makes it different.”

Accomplished Activist

Aside from her successful career at RxBenefits, Shannon is a committed advocate for animals. In 2014, she and her husband co-founded Support Paws, a non-profit organization based in Alabama. The all-volunteer organization helps homeless pets find homes through fostering, socialization, and spay/neuter assistance. You can watch local news coverage featuring Support Paws and their rescue stories here.


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