Meet Our Expert: Tracie Altman, Account Manager and Service Superstar

As we look back on 25 years of RxBenefits, we celebrate the dedicated teammates who have been behind the company’s success. One of the company’s most service-oriented employees over the years is Tracie Altman. She has experienced some of RxBenefits’ most notable milestones and has proven herself to be a true advocate for our clients and their members.

RxBenefits Beginnings

Tracie began working at RxBenefits in 2008 as the company’s third Member Services Representative. During her 12 years (and counting!) with the company, Tracie has held numerous positions servicing RxBenefits clients and their members. She grew into several different leadership roles within the customer service department over the years, including Team Lead/Senior Member Services Representative, Member and Client Services Supervisor, and eventually Member Services Trainer.

“As our team grew, I became the trainer based on my tenure and experience,” Tracie recalls. “Our goal was to provide a robust training plan and improve the current team’s training to avoid previous challenges. We were successful and documented a 30% reduction in hold time compared to the previous January 1st welcome period.”

That success enabled Tracie to continue on her career path. In 2018, she transferred from the Member Services department to Account Management to pursue new growth opportunities. She now serves as an Account Manager where she serves as the day-to-day contact for RxBenefits clients to ensure an effective benefit program.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Throughout Tracie’s tenure, her favorite thing about RxBenefits remains the family-like atmosphere. When reflecting on her time with the company, some of her favorite memories include the team-building activities from the early days. From skeet shooting to Sips and Strokes, she remembers the unique activities they took part in as an opportunity for the team to come together and build a strong bond.

“We tried to do something interesting and out of the box, something that would be memorable and that we would have a lot of fun doing,” says Tracie. “We were a small team, and we wanted to make sure that we could do fun things as well as focus on work.”

Above and Beyond Efforts

Tracie’s dedication to serving others and willingness to go above and beyond does not go unnoticed. Her commitment to providing superior service has recently led to her driving to a member’s pharmacy to personally ensure the pharmacist filled the prescription in time for the member to pick it up.

“The pharmacist was so impressed by Tracie’s knowledge and willingness to serve others that he offered her a job on the spot,” says Tracie’s manager, Bryant Pirtle, Manager of Account Management. “Tracie continually exemplifies one of RxBenefits’ core values of selflessness, and this instance is just one example of how she exceeds expectations to ensure her clients and their members are cared for.”

“Tracie and the entire RxBenefits team have re-established our bar for what we expect from our vendors in terms of account management. I have a quote above my desk that says, “Customer service is a reaction; customer advocacy is a well-planned out business decision.” Simply put, everyone can react to situations, but truly caring and intervening in the best interest of the customer is smart business. Very few have advocates that rise above the expected level of service. Every time something comes up with one of our RxBenefits clients, I remember this and take comfort in knowing that Tracie and her team are true advocates for our members and clients.”

Joey Marquez, Employee Benefits Consultant
Alliance Insurance Group


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