Meet Our Expert: Whitney Reboulet

From her early career in politics to her current role at RxBenefits, Senior Vice President of Account Management Whitney Reboulet found her purpose in helping people work together.

After graduating from Dartmouth College, Whitney started her career in politics. She loved traveling and wanted to change the world. But after eight years in politics, Whitney realized she could be more impactful outside politics and transitioned to a career in the healthcare industry.

“It’s an industry where a love of learning is necessary because the landscape is constantly changing,” Whitney said. “In pharmacy specifically, there is a great deal of nuance, and paying attention to detail is critical to success.”

Whitney began her pharmacy benefits career in 2009 at Express Scripts, and she joined the team at RxBenefits in 2023. At RxBenefits, she leads the client-facing account teams to deliver on our promises of financial value and high-touch service to plan sponsors and their members. She said her biggest challenge is getting everyone to row in the same direction, but when that synchronicity happens, it is rewarding for everyone.

“I’m not a clinician, but I still feel as though my team adds a level of ease and peace of mind to a member’s everyday life,” Whitney said. “I appreciate that we deliver on our commitments to our employees, clients, members, and benefit advisor partners without putting one in front of the other.”

She grew up in St. Louis, and though she’s lived on the East and West coasts, and even abroad, the life-long relationships and active community in St. Louis drew her home to raise her own family.

As a sports fan, she enjoys cheering for the hometown Cardinals in baseball, playing tennis, and coaching field hockey, among other activities. While teaching the technical skills of field hockey is important to Whitney, she focuses on creating a passion for sport and developing mental toughness to help kids handle triumphs and challenges on and off the field.

Whitney’s most proud of creating teams that accomplish great things together. As her idol, Sandra Day O’Connor famously said from the Supreme Court bench, “We don’t accomplish anything in this world alone.” Whitney believes we all have a role to play, and executing that role to the best of our ability is necessary. “But the real magic happens when it all comes together in a thoughtful and meaningful way,” she said.

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