Quick Action from RxBenefits’ Client Services Team Likely Saves a Life

RxBenefits’ Member and Client Services teams continually strive to provide our members with an exceptional service experience that they can appreciate as they navigate their unique and personal circumstances. There are numerous ways our service teams go above and beyond to support and give their undivided attention to the members they serve. In one recent case, their efficient teamwork, coupled with quick and creative thinking, may very well have saved a member’s life.

A Life-Saving Service Experience

In February, the Client Services team received a call from a distressed Human Resources Director concerned about a member’s cystic fibrosis medication that had been damaged by severe weather. The medication could no longer be administered, leaving the family panicked and distraught because the member had already been without their prescription for two days.

RxBenefits’ Strategic Account Executive Nila Carpenter, along with Account Manager Taylor Benjamin, swung into action. They knew the needed medication was a limited distribution drug that would require at least a day for the PBM to replace.

Raising the Bar for Service Excellence

The team began personally calling several large medical centers in the member’s area and ultimately were able to track down an inpatient pharmacy that had the medication available. The sense of urgency, teamwork, and creative thinking ensured the concerned member had their essential medication – and likely saved the member’s life.

There are many ways that our members benefit from the support and attention of the teammates who work tirelessly to ensure their needs are met quickly and accurately. “We treat others the way we would want to be treated. Protecting our own families is our top priority, so ensuring we take care of other families remains the top priority for our team and makes caring for members feel effortless,” says RxBenefits’ Client Services Manager Ashley Davis. “This combination of professionalism and determination is what sets our team apart, and on that day, they were truly lifesavers.”

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