RxBenefits Goes the Extra Mile at Maryland Cycling Classic

The streets of Baltimore were alive with the energetic hum of wheels and the spirited cheers of cycling enthusiasts as the Maryland Cycling Classic took place from August 31 through September 3. This premier cycling event was not merely a race; it was a celebration of health and community spirit. Which is why RxBenefits was proud to be a sponsor and participant.

One of the event’s highlights was the “Wittle Bitty Bike Wace,” a tricycle race hosted by RxBenefits. The event was located at the Mayor’s Community Bike Jam on September 1 and at the finish line on September 3. Emma White, an esteemed athlete, raced against children and adults on the tricycle. She hoped to inspire young cyclists at the event because she started riding at age 10. White is known for several remarkable achievements, including winning the bronze medal in the U.S. women’s pursuit team in track cycling at the 2020 Olympic Games.

As a sponsor of the Maryland Cycling Classic, RxBenefits was represented by the “RxBenefits Most Inspirational Rider jersey.” The jersey symbolizes the company’s dedication to the event’s values of determination and perseverance. RxBenefits teammates participated in the UHCCF Bridges of Hope Ride. This involved riding on a portion of the professional course while raising awareness and donations to support the UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation.

Through engaging activations and the active involvement of team members, RxBenefits’ sponsorship and participation in the weekend’s events reflect the shared values of shaping a healthier future for the community held by all of the event partners.

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