The Pharmacy Benefits Channel: Presented by RxBenefits

RxBenefits, the industry’s first and only Pharmacy Benefits Optimizer (PBO), launched The Pharmacy Benefits Channel, an official YouTube channel covering everything there is to know about pharmacy benefits. The educational episodes will offer unbiased information for people looking to expand their pharmacy benefits knowledge.

The official channel showcases thought leadership, industry insights, and educational videos from RxBenefits’ panel of pharmacy benefits experts. The series of videos will include Expert Views, Rx News, Prescription Drug Education, and more. RxBenefits developed the channel to cater to multiple audiences, including employee benefit consultants, human resources managers, and the general public who may be searching for a deeper understanding of the complicated pharmacy benefits industry. Viewers will have access to short videos on various topics such as PBM 101, Question and Answer (Q&A), best practices, and expert tips on navigating the complex world of pharmacy benefits.

To stay in the know on pharmacy benefits, visit and subscribe to The Pharmacy Benefits Channel.

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