The Pipeline is Full and Brimming with Promise – Hat Tip to Science

Scientific advances in 2021 included therapies to prevent and treat COVID-19 to targeted therapies for what was once considered an “undruggable” cancer. The market also saw breakthrough drug approvals to reach patients, including harnessing messenger mRNA vaccines.

The year 2021 saw innovation in gene therapy that will carry into 2022. In the future, gene and cell therapies will likely play a major role in patient treatment. These treatments are not new but there are commercial and logistical challenges for mass distribution.

Read more about what is in the pipeline for 2022 from Jody Hessen here.

Jody Hessen has been in the PBM industry for over 25 years, serving in a number of different capacities, including both clinical and broader consulting roles. She carefully evaluates client needs, conducts thorough gap assessments, and makes practical, customized recommendations for closing clinical, operational, and compliance gaps. Jody has worked as an independent consulting contractor for several PBM consulting firms including Visante, The Pharmacy Group, TPG Healthcare Consulting, and Blue Peak Advisors.

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