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Do Something Extraordinary for Your Clients. And Your Business.

Deliver substantial savings and world-class service.

Pharmacy is a complex and costly benefit—the most widely used healthcare benefit, and one that’s critical to your clients for employee retention and acquisition. Your clients count on you to help them keep up with the ever-changing pharmacy landscape and make decisions that will save them money while protecting the well-being of their members.

At RxBenefits, we’re dedicated to your success. Our role is to serve as the consultant’s consultant, working exclusively through a network of benefit advisors across the country.

We give you and your clients:

  • Guaranteed savings powered by Fortune 10 pricing
  • Optionality to choose from any of the nation’s leading PBMs
  • Client-aligned, fully transparent, and annually-reconciled pharmacy contracts
  • Automatic annual pricing improvements averaging 10.4%
  • Independent clinical oversight to enhance the health and safety of members
  • Targeted specialty pharmacy programs that mitigate the risk of very high-cost specialty pharmacy claims
  • And a world-class service experience to ensure satisfied, loyal clients and members

Rest easy knowing:

Our 700+ team members are working all day, every day to deliver an exceptional pharmacy program that makes your clients and their members feel valued and appreciated—and that provides tangible value. When you combine substantial first-year and annual cost savings, client-aligned pharmacy care, and superior client and member service, it isn’t hard to see the part RxBenefits can play in the success of your clients and of your business.

The Benefits of RxBenefits

The resources to become your clients’ go-to pharmacy expert—and generate client loyalty
The confidence that you have a partner who’s as dedicated to your clients’ needs as you are
Full visibility into plan performance to help you support your recommendations to your clients
Negotiating power and clinical expertise to help you help your clients achieve their pharmacy goals

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