Three Key Times to Evaluate a Pharmacy Benefits Plan

In the complicated world of pharmacy benefit plans, hidden issues can bring highly visible costs to the balance sheet. Comparing multiple pharmacy benefits contracts can be time-consuming for benefit advisors at firms of all sizes. Once you’ve compiled all the information on PBM contracts for a client, the lowest number on the spreadsheet doesn’t always mean the lowest cost and best solution for your self-funded clients. With a comprehensive look at plan performance, risks, and potential savings, finding the best performance for your clients becomes much easier.

Bringing an expert in to analyze a plan’s potential can be expensive and time-consuming, but our free Pharmacy Performance Analysis can uncover solutions and make you the hero for your clients.

Is it time to update a pharmacy benefit offering with a 100% client-aligned, independent analysis? The answer is yes if you see these issues.

Download the Chart

Download the Chart

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