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Benefit advisors must consider the distinct needs of hospitals to build the right benefit

Healthcare leaders want to improve the health of their industry, communities, and employees, but they’re facing intense financial challenges.1 Labor costs and shortages, increasing legislative restrictions, lower reimbursements, the end of federal pandemic funds, and more hospitals facing bankruptcies and closures have made it tough to reach these goals.2,3 Not to mention regular employer issues such as the increasing specialty drug pipeline, employee burnout, poor service from benefit vendors, and rising expenses.

Hospitals rely on dedicated staff to provide care and can’t afford to lose them. With well-informed employees who expect excellent benefits, these organizations have to balance offering comprehensive care access while staying within budget expectations. As they build a solid foundational employee health plan, healthcare leaders must also focus on enhancing community support and monetizing their pharmacy.

Benefit advisors must understand healthcare employers and offer flexible, budget-friendly pharmacy benefits without sacrificing employee satisfaction.

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  • How to uncover 340B savings opportunities
  • What a robust pharmacy benefit plan can offer to these unique clients
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