RxBenefits Appoints Mark Campbell as Chief Pharmacy Officer

RxBenefits, the employee benefits industry’s first technology-enabled pharmacy benefits optimizer (PBO), today announced Mark Campbell, PharmD, has been appointed to the company’s new Chief Pharmacy Officer position. Campbell, whose experience covers an impressive 27-year career in the pharmacy industry, has led RxBenefits’ Clinical Services team since 2017.

As Chief Pharmacy Officer, Campbell will increase the company’s focus on using pharmaceutical insights to help facilitate better health outcomes. This will have a significant positive impact on the company’s partners, employers, and plan members, who stand to benefit from improved drug costs and access, better medication adherence, shorter hospital stays and fewer readmissions. By prioritizing pathways to good health, members and their plan sponsors will see cost savings.

Campbell has been instrumental in the growth of the RxBenefits Clinical Services team. Under his leadership, RxBenefits created and launched Protect, an innovative suite of clinical solutions designed to optimize health, safety, and savings through clinical oversight. Introduced in 2017, Protect helped approximately 80% of the company’s client base realize a 7:1 return on their investments in 2022.

As Chief Pharmacy Officer, Campbell will continue to emphasize and expand Protect while focusing on enhancements to multiple aspects of the company’s data analytics and reporting processes – including the savings available via the supplemental stop-loss solution offered by RxBenefits’ sister company, RxPharmacy Assurance. As the leader of the growing Clinical Services team, he’ll prioritize the alignment of RxBenefits’ clinical goals and processes with leading-edge technologies to ensure clinical excellence is at the forefront of all executive-level decisions.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to lead RxBenefits’ pharmacy strategy and eager to continue delivering best-in-class service and care to our clients and their plan members,” Campbell said. “RxBenefits’ focus on making the right drugs affordable and accessible to the right patients at the right time has always resonated with me. It mirrors my vision and belief that pharmacy benefits have evolved to become a critical component of health plans. Enhanced alignment of our pharmacy operations across all channels will help RxBenefits improve member outcomes and satisfaction.”

Wendy Barnes, RxBenefits CEO, said the Chief Pharmacy Officer role was created to ensure oversight of the strategic direction of the company’s clinical operations and facilitate coordination with the product management team to refine and finalize long-term integrated product strategy. She said she’s confident in Campbell’s leadership and skills as she welcomed him to his new position.

“The benefits industry is currently dominated by the rising costs of drugs, so it’s critical to have a Chief Pharmacy Officer who is committed to ensuring safe and affordable access to the medications members need, when they need them,” Barnes said. “Mark’s expertise and knowledge are precisely what this role requires and will enable him to work with care providers and our clients to facilitate the availability of cost-effective drugs that offer the best possible clinical outcomes. Mark has been an invaluable asset to RxBenefits since first joining our organization, and our team is confident his leadership and dedication to our clients’ success will further enable him to excel in his new role.”

Campbell, who earned a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Memphis and a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Tennessee, began his distinguished 27-year career as a pharmacy resident at the Veterans Administration of Memphis. From there, Campbell rose through the industry ranks and filled numerous prominent roles – such as director of pharmacy, vice president of prescription solutions, and president – at various companies.

With his promotion, Campbell became the fifth member of RxBenefits’ C-suite, joining Barnes – to whom he now reports – as well as President and Chief Operating Officer Robert Gamble, Chief Financial Officer Thad Kwiatkowski, and Chief Client Officer Nathan White.

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