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Reducing Specialty Cost with our Preferred Financial Solutions

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RxBenefits’ Preferred Financial Assistance solutions help patients get the medications they need at the lowest possible price while helping plan sponsors offset costs and reduce risk.

Whether it’s a high-cost specialty medication or lower-cost generic, we’re always looking for ways to help members save – and in many instances the plan saves, too.

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Manufacturer Assistance Solutions

Mitigating the cost of pricey specialty drugs to help patients get the medication they need

Through manufacturer assistance solutions, drug manufacturers connect qualifying patients with the drugs they need at more affordable prices. This comes in the form of copay assistance – the manufacturer covers the patient’s copay, leaving the patient with no cost to them at the pharmacy counter.

Manufacturer assistance solutions are available through all three of the leading PBMs. RxBenefits helps benefit consultants and their clients get the most out of these programs, minimizing out-of-pocket costs for the member as they purchase their crucial, expensive drugs.

Patient Assistance Solutions

Easing the burden of high-cost specialty drugs

When plan sponsors are struggling to balance the cost of specialty meds against their employees’ need for access, the impact isn’t just on the bottom line – employee satisfaction and clinical outcomes can suffer. RxBenefits’ Patient Assistance solutions* help members find and apply for alternative sources of funding to help ease the burden of those pricey drugs for members and employers.

RxBenefits’ Patient Assistance solutions are part of a multifaceted approach to meet employers’ unique needs. When used in tandem with RxBenefits Protect, our proprietary suite of clinical oversight programs, they can help reduce waste within many employers’ pharmacy plans, mitigate the impact of high-cost specialty drugs, protect the health and safety of members, and provide a quality member experience.

*Eligibility for Patient Assistance solutions is subject to member qualification.

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Are Patient Assistance Solutions right for your clients’ plans?

Every client and every plan is different, and there’s no single solution to managing specialty drug costs. Let one of our pharmacy benefits experts run a complimentary analysis to see if your client’s plan could benefit from our preferred Patient Assistance solutions – and to find the best path forward for your client and their members.

Integrated Point-of-Sale Discount Programs

Seamless savings at the pharmacy counter

Even non-specialty drugs can be a heavy financial lift if the price isn’t right. With integrated point-of-sale discount programs, members only need to present their plan ID card at the pharmacy to receive the best available price for non-specialty generic medications, all while preserving plan benefits and maintaining clinical oversight.

These point-of-sale discount programs are available to Optimize 360 members beginning January 1, 2024.

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Seamless Member Experience at the Pharmacy

Works behind the scenes with no action required by the member utilizing their current ID card

Get a Lower Cost Without Added Steps

Low prices for many commonly prescribed, non-specialty generic drugs without needing to shop around

Automatically Links to the Benefit Plan

Claim applies to member deductible and out of pocket automatically, no need for manual paperwork

Clinical Oversight Remains Intact

Member health is prioritized with safety and formulary checks of the claim

Preserves Plan Benefit & Reinforces Value

Benefit and sponsor provide added value at no added cost to the member